KU students conduct field research and attend The Global Humanities Institute in Tanzania.

KU Research

As a major research institution and member of the prestigious Association of American Universities, KU proudly claims a distinguished record of innovation.


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KU researchers pioneer new paradigms in cancer treatment. Scour ancient Antarctic plant life. Forge actionable paths toward a sustainable future. Whatever grand challenges we may face, Jayhawks are here to question, investigate, and solve.

KU engineering students working on a car for a school project

Powering Kansas and investing in local communities

KU innovation drives our vision of an even stronger and more prosperous future for Kansas. KU research employs thousands of regional workers and forms the basis for dozens of active startups. Armed with knowledge and experience earned from a top research institution, KU graduates leave KU ready to elevate the region’s workforce.

A KU researcher in Stephen Soper's lab inspects lab equipment

Partnering innovation with industry  

When commercial partners seek solutions that align with their business goals, they turn to KU. Sponsoring or collaborating with KU research is a cost-effective investment in your business’s future and profile.

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What will you research? It may start with a hobby or a major or a particular class. Guided by faculty mentors and campus resources, KU research could span cultures or disciplines, centuries or continents. Along the way, you’ll enrich your understanding of the world and yourself.

Room for all research

Research isn’t limited to a single venue. You may find yourself suiting up for a superclean laboratory, trawling quiet library stacks, or taking the stage. No matter how you choose to blaze your trail, you’ll find a platform to facilitate and fund your endeavors.

A KU School of Pharmacy student works in a lab

Leading the way with world-class talent

Mentorship is key to effective research. Students work closely with experts who lead their fields and are eager to help you navigate new areas of study.

A student and faculty member work together in a lab in KU's Chemical & Petroleum Engineering department


The following themes align KU research with the major challenges facing the world and our society.

Development across the lifespan

Advancing educational, social, and behavioral approaches to address developmental challenges

Earth, energy & environment

Increasing understanding to help sustain the life of our planet and its inhabitants

Human experience in the digital age

Exploring what is gained and lost in the human experience as we find ourselves inundated with new technologies

Molecules & medicines

Advancing the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of human disease

Safety & security

Developing new approaches to combat emerging threats and vulnerabilities